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Jesus & Kabbalah: The Lost Kingdom

Discover the Hidden Connection Between Jesus & Ancient Jewish Kabbalah


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The phrase Kingdom of God or Kingdom of Heaven is not found anywhere in the Jewish Torah, yet it is mentioned over fifty times in the New Testament.


Paul’s examination of the Synoptic Gospels reveals that the Kingdom of God is the very first message that Jesus (a Jewish rabbi) taught, and the only subject he instructed his disciples to go forth and teach.


Despite its importance, neither Jesus’ disciples nor his listeners appear to understood what the Kingdom was. Jesus is repeatedly asked to explain, he answers in parables. The understanding and importance of the Kingdom was lost on his disciples, his audience and to successive generations of Christians. Why?


In this book, Paul raises and answers many questions that are fundamental to Judaism, Christianity and Jesus. In doing so, new, exciting and sometimes controversial insights are revealed.


Using his vast legal analytical skills and considerable knowledge on Christianity, Paul guides us through key documentary evidence, leading to a proper understanding of what Jesus meant by the Kingdom of God, and its plausible connection to the Jewish mystical and spiritual teachings of Kabbalah.

Meditations in a Crisis

A Practical Guide with 8 Meditation Exercises for Adults & Children


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The ability to stop overthinking and worrying is essential for our mental and physical health, but it takes at least some effort. Recognising the demands and pressures of life in a worldwide crisis, Paul has produced 8 different meditation exercises and guides you through them. Each exercise is flexible to the time you choose, taking as little as 6 seconds, 60 seconds, 6 minutes or longer. The exercises can be done in isolation, anytime and anywhere. Paul has also provided adaptations so that children can participate, bringing the family together in times of crisis.

Help fight COVID-19

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What's the Point?

Finding hope in a crisis


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In times of crisis, we all ask “What’s the point?”. There is only one point in living but it may not be what you think. It turns out the answer to the question is hidden in plain sight and is connected to the fundamental purpose and essence of our existence.


5 Stars (Readers' Favorite) " ... Paul Kolberg doesn’t shy away from the tough questions. His answers to ‘what is ego?’, what is evil?’ and ‘is life simply the absence of death?’ will fascinate and engage you. In today’s times of crisis, Paul Kolberg’s book is a gift. Recommended for readers who appreciate a deep look into the deep questions of life."


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