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Jesus & Kabbalah: The Lost Kingdom...Now Part of British & Irish Culture 📚

Marmalade Publishing recently received and complied with a request to supply a copy of Jesus & Kabbalah the Lost Kingdom from 5 of the UK’s top Libraries. Here is what the request said:


“The Legal Deposit helps ensure that a nation’s published output is collected and preserved for the future. As a publisher, this means that your content will be securely preserved while also being made accessible in the reading rooms of the Legal Deposit Libraries.  Inclusion in library catalogues, online discovery services and the British National Bibliography will help promote these publications, highlighting them to a worldwide audience, including the book trade.  Preserving publications representing all authors, communities and interest groups is a key aim of Legal Deposit.  Sending us your publications will help enable future research into all aspects of our culture and society. 


“There are six libraries in the UK Legal Deposit system, providing greater protection and preservation by having copies of publications at more than one location, the ALDL operates on behalf of 5 Legal Deposit Libraries, these being: 

National Library of Scotland

The Bodleian Library Oxford University   

National Library of Wales

Cambridge University Library    

The Library of Trinity College Dublin


Jesus & Kabbalah the Lost Kingdom is now lodged with all 5 libraries and continues to sell all over the world.


Order your copy at:

Paperback – Amazon and all major UK book shops.

E-book – Kindle

Audio – Spotify, Google Play, and many more.

Paul Kolberg

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