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5 Star Review for 'Meditations in a Crisis'

Marmalade Publishing have informed me of some fantastic news. We had some promising feedback on my latest book ‘Meditations in a Crisis’.

Meditations in a Crisis was recently reviewed by Readers’ Favorite, an industry recognised company that specialises in unbiased, quality book reviews. Here is the review:

***** (5 Stars)

“Meditations in a Crisis: A Practical Guide with 8 Meditation Exercises for Adults & Children by Paul Kolberg is a short and compact book full of practical guidance on how to use meditation in a crisis to calm one's mind, to maintain a sense of control, and to master emotions without pushing them into denial or minimizing them. The outline of the points in meditation is presented with the number 6: Meditation in 6 seconds, 60 seconds, 6 minutes, etc. The author breaks down the origins of meditation, explains why it's helpful, and offers meditation exercises for children as well as adults. Almost every person will experience a crisis in life, and this book can help settle the uncertainty, emotional trauma, confusion, and depression that accompany it. The author writes from an expert point of view. He clearly knows his subject, believes in it, feels an urgent need to share it with a world in crisis, and walks readers through each step of a simple but rewarding process. It prompts children and adults alike to ponder concepts like "I'm part of an un-ending universe", "I'm part of creation", "I matter", without stepping on anyone's personal beliefs. Overall, Kolberg's Meditations in a Crisis is extremely useful, and he presents the information in a way that is appealing to someone who is new to meditation, and in a way that isn't overwhelming. If you have 6 minutes to spare, you can practice meditation. The kind of meditation Kolberg teaches is far removed from the lofty goals of higher enlightenment. He's just showing people how to calm themselves through basic meditation. In today's stressed-out Coronavirus days of quarantine and social chaos, Meditation in a Crisis by Paul Kolberg is the perfect remedy that families can engage in together. This book proves that it doesn't take 300+ pages to teach someone a new skill, and the benefits of that skill.”

Reviewed By Tammy Ruggles for Readers’ Favorite

Thank you Readers’ Favorite for this glowing review!

To get your copy of Meditations in a Crisis, visit Amazon to get your Kindle eBook version now! The paperback release will be later this month on 18 May 2020.

Have a lovely and relaxing bank holiday weekend everyone!

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