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Recorded my first audiobook at Resident Studios, London

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Under the watchful and supportive eye of Marmalade Jam Productions, I have just completed 3 intense days at Resident Studios in London, recording the audiobook version of my book: Jesus & Kabbalah – The Lost Kingdom.

Resident Studios, London



Data shows that an increasing number of people listen to books whilst commuting to work, travelling and as a means of relaxing. Audiobooks provide the perfect platform to ensure that a book reaches an audience that has either less leisure time, less inclination, or are physically unable to read either a paperback or eBook.


My Audiobook Experience

Marmalade Jam Productions is part of the Marmalade Jam Group, and is a sister branch of Marmalade Publishing. They suggested that I release Jesus & Kabbalah - The Lost Kingdom in audiobook format in order to reach a bigger audience worldwide. They also recommended that I use Resident Studios, a recording studio in North London to record. The studios were of high standard, the staff were friendly, and I would highly recommend.

"Marmalade Jam Productions guided me through the whole process. They were patient and encouraging, and knew exactly how to get the best out of me even though I’m not a professional voice actor."

It won't be long before the recording is edited and ready to be put into the relevant formats for, including Audible, and iTunes amongst other platforms; ready for the launch on 17 March 2020. The audiobook will form part of a comprehensive suite of versions designed to reach as many people as possible.


My forthcoming book

The book is available in eBook version now from Amazon. The paperback version is also available to pre-order from Amazon, Waterstones and other leading bookshops, and will be on the shelves from 01 March 2020.

Here are the ISBN numbers for each version:

Jesus & Kabbalah - The Lost Kingdom (eBook and Paperback)

For more details, subscribe to my mailing list for any updates and information on launch date and to pre-order.

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